Upgrading my Festive Huntsman


Since I am really good at the Huntsman, I went out and spent the extra two bucks and got a Killstreak kit for it. Until I saw a guy on a server with a $25 Strange Killstreak Festive Huntsman. Sh*t.

Festive Huntsman $2.30

Huntsman Killstreak Kit $2.49

Or get both together for wait for it, wait for it…

$8.98! I kid you not. Click the picture to get to that page.

All shocking prices came from the Community Market, on Jan. 6, 2013.


First Post.

Let me get things started. I hate blogging. But I typed this anyway. As if a diary is un eco-friendly and my entries will so be gone forever by some server down thing, I decided to do it.

So what’s in here? Showing-off. New sh*t. ¬†Pictures of dicks. Stuff I don’t want to Post or Tweet about. I’ll try to put photos accompanying every single post (cause words are boring). I want a hideout. If you suspect sh*t, look here, it’s criminal evidence.¬†¬†Nothing. Send me a Festive while you’re at it.

So, have fun!