Cash in, cash out.

Cash in, cash out.

My friend Matthew promised me that if I buy $10 worth of Soldier hats for him, he’ll get me $70 Steam credits in return. Pay up, those are f*cking SOLDIER HATS I PAID FOR.

Get each of them for 5 dollars ($4.99, Steam Sale earlier $2.49)
Or every single one of them for twenty. ($19.96, Steam Sale $9.96)


It’s the Perfect Gift…

It's the Perfect Gift...

“It’s the perfect gift for the ones you love! Spies! Enemy snipers! Eskimos! And that one retarded uncle who can’t pee properly when he did drugs a decade ago and had to use a urine bag!”

Get it now on the Market for a quarter. ($0.24, 6/1/14)

Or if you’re lazy, click the picture above. Ahhh.

Upgrading my Festive Huntsman


Since I am really good at the Huntsman, I went out and spent the extra two bucks and got a Killstreak kit for it. Until I saw a guy on a server with a $25 Strange Killstreak Festive Huntsman. Sh*t.

Festive Huntsman $2.30

Huntsman Killstreak Kit $2.49

Or get both together for wait for it, wait for it…

$8.98! I kid you not. Click the picture to get to that page.

All shocking prices came from the Community Market, on Jan. 6, 2013.


First Post.

Let me get things started. I hate blogging. But I typed this anyway. As if a diary is un eco-friendly and my entries will so be gone forever by some server down thing, I decided to do it.

So what’s in here? Showing-off. New sh*t. ¬†Pictures of dicks. Stuff I don’t want to Post or Tweet about. I’ll try to put photos accompanying every single post (cause words are boring). I want a hideout. If you suspect sh*t, look here, it’s criminal evidence.¬†¬†Nothing. Send me a Festive while you’re at it.

So, have fun!